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Hackney's Homeless Steam Ahead

Squall 6, Spring 1994, pg. 34.

RE: The Hackney Homeless People’s Festival 1994 incorporating the Alternative Ideal Homes Exhibition - A free day out for everyone at Clissold Park, London N16, Sunday May 8th.

After its phenomenal success last year, the Hackney Homeless People’s Festival is going full steam ahead.

This year will feature an Alternative Ideal Homes Exhibition and we would like to involve as many different groups and individuals as possible in this essential event.

At a time of increasing marginalisation of homeless people, from closing hostels and reduced housing association grants to the legislation against squatters and travellers, it is important to show how ordinary people can change their situation and help build themselves a decent home.

HHPF want to hear from you if you would like to display your alternative housing ideas to a potential audience of 15,000 visitors (last year’s figures), plus any press and TV who may choose to feature the event. Architects, designers, housing groups, students, charities, in fact anyone who can display their ideas on shelter, eco-design, traditional housing etc, on a voluntary basis for one day; Sunday May 8th. There will be access to the park for the whole day before to prepare the site - please note that the park usually closes at dusk.

HHPF would also like to hear from anyone who can help us physically with preparation on the day and are especially interested in any groups of students or lecturers who may wish to involve themselves via their courses.

So, the door is open! Please help show the huge variety of ingenious solutions there are out there to the present day ‘housing crisis’.

For general information, music/technical offers & assistance please contact Chris on 071 275 7220. For the Alternative Ideal Homes Exhibition contact Glyn on 081 802 3135 Anyone interested in theatre or circus contact Pam on 071 275 7220, film and artworks contact Finnoula on 071 249 5230.

Hackney Homeless People’s Festival can be written to at; 123 Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16.

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