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Hackney Homeless Acquittal

Squall 8, Autumn 1994, pg. 6.

ELOISE Parrack, the young woman whose wrist was broken during her arrest at the incident following the Hackney Homeless Peoples’ Festival in May (see The Festival, The Council And The Scapegoats in Squall 7), has been acquitted.

She was charged with affray, accused of throwing a beer bottle and attempting to kick a police officer. Ms Parrack claimed that she merely asked where someone who had been arrested was being taken. The police officer then allegedly grabbed her and threw her against a police van, breaking her wrist.

Ms Parrack now intends to sue the police for the injuries she sustained. She and her solicitor, Desmond O’Reilly, were delighted with the outcome and send thanks to those who answered the appeal for witnesses in Squall 7 (see letters, page 54).

Hackney Community Defence Association (HCDA) heard from 30 witnesses following the festival. Of the people they know were arrested, two have been acquitted of assaulting police officers; one acquitted of threatening behaviour and one was bound over for threatening behaviour. Six people, charged with violent disorder, have yet to go to court. One man, who was not arrested, is suing the police for assault. Several of those acquitted also plan to sue the police. HCDA are still keen to hear from anyone with information about this incident, or the arrests outside Hackney Town hall on August 30th.

HCDA can be contacted on 071 249 0193.