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Anarchy In The UK, Ten Days That Shook The World

Squall 8, Autumn 1994, pg. 11.

LATE Night Cabaret at the Hackney Empire, Friday 28th October.

There’s an impressive line up for this late night benefit for Squall at the Hackney Empire, organised as part of the Anarchy in the UK festival.

Heading the list of performers is demonic comedian Chris Lynam, notorious for his naked stunts with roman candles, surreal bad behaviour and unique renditions of popular melodies; Chris’s new band of eccentric musos Pop Corn Club will be helping proceedings along with the show’s hosts, the ever-up-for-it Pee Wee and the original alternative Tony Allen.

There will be virtuoso saxophone from the legendary Lol Coxhill; songs of wit, grit, and pure delight from unique singer/ songwriter Sharon Landau; grotesque clowning on a slack rope with festival fave Paka; some potent words from Penny Rimbaud plus Crass originals Rimbaud and Ignorant reuniting for a one-off blast; thrills and danger, yes, that’s right ‘thrills and danger’ with trapeze duo Skytrapt; daft songs and stoned humour from that loveable post-hippy comic Rory Motion; and last but not leased, political barbs from rebel without a mortgage, the very pleasant Mr Nasty; PLUS surprise GUESTS, performance art, side shows and an audience full of anarchists having a night off from the barricades (surely important networking seminars? - Ed).

The show runs 11 until 2 in the morning. All tickets are a fiver in advance (or six on the night). SQUALL gets the profits and you have a hoot of a night out.