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Velvet Revolution Tour

Squall 8, Autumn 1994, pg. 11.

THE Velvet Revolution is about to start a tour of the country. The tour, “a full technicolour explosion of positive outrage fusing sound systems, live video mixing, interactive imagery, sculpture, theatre, dance, and film” has been put together with backing from Charter 88 to raise awareness of the CJB.

The gigs start with a screening of the Battle of the Beanfield film and features DIY, Exodus, Sunnyside, LS Diesel, Circus Irritant, Tofu Love Frogs, Tribal Drift, The Levellers and loads more.

Dates so far include:
Manchester Univ. Oct 6;
Middlesex Univ. Oct 8;
Plymouth Univ. Oct 12;
Farnham Institute Oct 13;
Sussex Univ. Oct 15;
Leicester Univ. Oct 18;
Sheffield Hallam Univ. Oct 19;
Cardiff Univ. Oct 20;
Nottingham Marcus Garvey Centre Oct 21;
Warwick Univ. Oct 22;
Brixton Academy (Levellers) Oct 27;
The Academy, Stoke on Trent Oct 28;
Newcastle Univ. Oct 29;
Sheffield Univ. Nov 2;
Megatripolis Nov 3;
Birmingham Q Club Nov 5.

For more information contact the VR office on 071 708 4230.

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