Necessity Still Breeds Ingenuity - Archive of SQUALL MAGAZINE 1992-2006
Exodus Collectiive, Luton
Photo: Nick Cobbing

Introducing Exodus - Six-part Special - Pt. 1

A Now New Testament

Squall 8, Autumn 1994, p. 40.


In the beginning there was three boxes.


And some that lived in the land of Luton did take those three boxes and did imagine with them. And told by Jahovah to take these imaginings and see them manifest, they set off across the wilderness of Bovis homes and Arndale Centres, in search of a place where they might stack these boxes and invite the disaffected to dance before their emmisions, so unto relieve their disaffections. But the journey was not untouched by the thwarting intentions of those who loathed to see such assembly and such flagrant disregard for the official formula. And these pharisees and masons did hurl abuse upon the Collective. But when they did abuse, their abuse was met with a force that drew, not blood, but a line beyond which the Collective would not retreat. And there they laid their boxes. And their boxes did multiply. And their boxes did help the multitudes to gather together in the name of community and adventure. And from these gatherings they did receive offerings in a bucket. And with these offerings they put graft into derelicts, giving hearth and home to they that had none.

And Jahovah did say inside of them: "This is important for all the people in the land. For without righteous activity, my face is distorted and I cannot shine upon the ideas that lie dormant in your soil. Mold my face with righteousness and the glow from my visage will pour so much power into that dormant seed, that no concrete crust or fabrication of evidence will smother its advances. And I will whisper in the ears of writers that they might record these examples for all people so to witness."

The pharisees and masons, pretending that it was time to pray withdrew from the table; shutting their doors and plotting amongst themselves to shut others also. And Bob saw this in his time and recorded it in lyric, and to this day the Collective do admire that lyric and cry: "Most respect going out to Bob". And in sooth they did name themselves Exodus after that lyric.

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