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Fox Hunters Seek Public Money

Squall 11, Autumn 1995, pg. 8.

The Sinnington Foxhunt have applied for £1,000 of public money in order to help what they call their “conservation” project.

The Huntsmen argue that the maintenance of blackthorn thickets, on the North York Moors, will provide cover for foxes so helping to conserve wildlife. It will also encourage foxes to abide on the very land on which they hunt, ensuring plenty of sport for hunters, as well as blood for the hounds.

The Hunt have applied to Ryedale District Council to be included in their annual £20,000 local conservation budget. It will of course also provide them with the PR weapon used by Britain’s fox hunters. Namely that they are good for the conservation of the countryside.

Apparently only two out of the 12 councillors on the Council’s Community Services Committee actively opposed the application.