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News Shorts And Other Busyness

More Bull Than Stake

Squall 11, Autumn 1995, pg 12.

Proof that embarrassment gets things done the best came when Burger King were forced into making sure their little scam to defraud workers of money was knocked on the head.

A media outcry resulted from the discovery that a student had received just £1, after working a five hour shift.

The scam was that management got the employee to clock off every time the restaurant wasn’t busy, meaning that the employee never managed to clock up hours relevant to how much time they had actually spent in the burger bar.

A spokesman for the company, owned by Grand Metropolitan, said that a policy “allowing” employees to clock off when there were only a few customers had been “misinterpreted”.

The spokesman went on to say: “All managers have been instructed that the practice is a dismissible offence [it is now!]. The fair and respectful treatment of all Burger King staff is, and will continue to be, a major priority.” Always was, always is, always will be? - we think not.