Necessity Still Breeds Ingenuity - Archive of SQUALL MAGAZINE 1992-2006

News Shorts And Other Busyness

Shell’s New PR Team Get To Work

Squall 11, Autumn 1995, pg. 15.

After the Brent Spar debacle and a 50 per cent drop of sales in Germany, Shell dismissed their PR department and hired in some new ones.

What was needed was a rehabilitation of their reputation amongst the petrol punters. Evidently they got to work immediately and so it was that we had a nationally run story about all the potty suggestions they’ve had about what to do with the redundant platform.

Jolly old Shell chuckling to the thought of turning it into a casino or a museum. They were even offered “a no questions asked disposal” if they put £50 million in a Swiss bank account. “Ho Ho Ho, what jolly fun we have here at Shell,” said Shell’s Corporate Affairs director in not so many words. All good publicity of course, appearing as it did in every national newspaper. Cocktails and lines of coke all round one assumes.