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Road Wars

Wells Relief Road

Squall 11, Autumn 1995, pg. 62.

Protesters stopped work for half a day at Dolcote, part of the Wells Relief Road Scheme.

Fencing was being erected by DoT contractors to fence off cattle from the route. Fifteen people invaded the site where the JCBs and other plant were working. Protesters climbed on to machines, on the roofs and into the buckets. More security guards were called in and the police alerted.

The site was vacated as police arrived and there were no arrests. The Wells Relief Road Scheme is set to destroy two school playing fields, bringing traffic and fumes closer to a local school, all at a meagre cost of £14 million.

For more information contact: Save Our Space, c/o West Side Bookshop, Sadler St, Wells BA5 2SE. Tel: 01749 880639

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