Necessity Still Breeds Ingenuity - Archive of SQUALL MAGAZINE 1992-2006

Road Wars

Road Wars Briefs

Squall 11, Autumn 1995, pg. 63.

M66, Greater Manchester

Six cranes were stopped on Friday 6 October. Actions continue, every Friday at least... hop on a 232 / 235 Manchester bus and get there! Activists are needed to support the camp and squats. Halloween party at the Daisy Nook camp on October 31. Info: 0161 628 4727 / 0161 627 4862

A564, Derby

Fifteen people stopped a concrete pour on the Derby Southern Bypass site after Tarmac dared to meet their “Environment Advisory Panel” there. Activists had previously refused an invitation to attend this “greenwash” exercise. Sir John Banham, Chair of Tarmac, eventually met with two activists. Sir J was hurt that his offer of 'lunch' was turned down and the whole affair exposed for the farce it was. Info: via Road Alert.

M11 Link London

Work was stopped successfully on Tuesday October 3 with a few arrests (all released without charge). Meanwhile a Council report reveals that the M11 Link would be at, or beyond, design capacity - ie congested to gridlock - the day it opens! (If it ever does.) So, the 400 homes, the green spaces, parks and trees have been destroyed for what? Info: 0181 527 4896

A30, Honiton - Exeter

Tunnels keep growing, and the Fairmile camp is now surrounded by a moat! Exciting actions are planned. Ring NOW to join the emergency phone tree. Info: 1404 815729

A39, Wells, Somerset

The destruction accelerates, helped by a desperate lack of activists, nearly all of whom are bailed off of site. Info: 0585 106615 / 01749 767208

A320, Guilford: 20,000m2 of woods and common land are threatened by Surrey County Council’s Woking road-widening plans. It’s only at the planning stage, support welcome. Info: 01483 574941

M74, Glasgow

This 4.8 mile, £200m, 6-10 lane motorway will devastate local communities on the south side of Gasgow. The campaign against it is really hotting up, with approval from the District Council in the pipe-line. Have they learnt nothing from Pollok? Info: 0141 424 1797 / 423 0278 / 550 1745 / 226 5066

Tory Party Conference

Sir George Young, the bicycling baronet, has given his whole-hearted approval for the Newbury Bypass. Ranting to the rabid flock at the Tory Party Conference he said: “Newbury is about two bypasses. The bypass local people desperately need to save their town. And the bypass protesters want. A bypass of democracy. Ignoring local support of local people, and a decision properly reached after public enquiry. I can reassure Richard Benyon (Tory MP for Newbury): Your bypass will be built.” ‘Nuff said! Info: 3rd Battle of Newbury, 01635 45544 / 45545

Road Show

Experienced road activists will be touring Britain this Autumn (and perhaps beyond) providing workshops in non-violent direct action (NVDA) as well as providing exhibitions, video and information. Dates so far arranged are: 30th Oct. - Nottingham; 25th Nov. - Reading; 28th Nov. - Southampton (benefit gig); 2nd Dec. - Oxford. If you want information, or would like to book the show contact: 01508 531 636 or Road Alert for details.

The Information above is taken from Road Alert Bulletin No. 55. If you would like to receive the bulletin send a donation along with an SAE to go on their mailing list.
Road Alert: PO Box 5544, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 5FB
Tel: 01635 521660