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Masons, Cyberspace and Gifted Anarchists

Squall 11, Autumn 1995, pg 84.

Writing on the potentials of the Internet, the ever-candid Alan Clark, ex-Defence Minister and one of the richest politicians in Britain, has continued his legacy of up front revelations.

Clark, he of multiple sexual indiscretions, has recently undergone somewhat of a proverbial revelation on the road to Damascus. Previously from a well-right-wing (but honest about it) persuasion, he has recently found religion and is occasionally to be found standing with the anti-animal exports protesters, shouting at veal lorries.

Logging onto the internet as a comparative rookie, he noted the large amount of child pornography:

“I must say it did occur to me that the resources of Special Branch and MI6 which, we are told with not a little complacency, can now be switched from the Cold War to the surveillance and intimidation of all those innocent and sweet-natured young people who are concerned about the export of veal calves, might be better employed in the - apparently very simple - task of genning up on the paedophiles. But perhaps this can’t happen because of the Freemasons. Blast! Now I come to think of it I should have explored the possibility of a masonic ‘site’.” (Guardian 16/9/95)

Go on there with the revelations Alan. He concludes his observations on the possible saviours of cyberspace:

“There are malign political and industrial forces who will be seeking to assert control. And the only hope for the systems’ viability is the gifted anarchist and the untraceable virus.”