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Ben Schneider and his regular column for internet itinerants

Squall 11, Autumn 1995, pg. 84.

SQUALL can proudly proclaim the birth of the SQUALL World Wide Web site. Situated at pHreak, who have very generously provided us with free space, SQUALL can be reached at: [this version offline]

Although fairly small to begin with, SQUALL’s web site will quickly build up to become a useful information resource for Internet Itinerants (I and I’s) and Subculture “Surfers”. Highlights of the Web Site are a selection of articles from SQUALL 10, key articles from SQUALL 11 and up and coming SQUALL events. Perhaps the most important aspect of the site is its ability to publish up to the minute news stories and coverage of events as they happen. This will enable SQUALL to provide a greater frequency of information bulletins and keep I and I’s at the cutting edge of current issues. There is also a set of SQUALL “hotlinks”, which provides access to many other websites of interest. For example, there is a link to the Free Abu Jamal homepage, the McLibel site and the Zion Train web pages. If you come across any sites that you feel are important of have any comments about the site, please e-mail us:, or me personally on the site below.

P.S. In the last issue, I made reference to a cryptographic program (SQUALL 10, p38 ‘Anonymous Remailer’). I stated that this program is illegal in the UK. Well, I was wrong!! You can obtain it at the following site:

- Ben Schneider:

Here is an updated listing of organisations/individuals appropriate to SQUALL’s interests. It is unlikely that it will cover everyone’s interests. If you have any others, please e-mail me at SQUALL.

N.B. For new users of the Net, it is absolutely vital that the e-mail/web addresses are replicated identically; otherwise you will not get where you want to go! This means not leaving spaces and putting in upper or lower case letters exactly as you find it!!

McLibel Listserver: (maintains info regarding the McLibel Trial), e-mail:
In the subject line: leave blank Body of message: subscribe mclibel. Enquiries:

Criminal Justice Act Site (maintains lots of info regarding the CJA):

Footballers Against the CJA:

Criminal Justice and Public Order Act (Bath University info resource):

Cambridge Anti-CJA:

Scottish Free Festival and Environmental Network:

Spunk Press (anarchist publisher):

Animal Rights Resource Site:

Zion Train:

pHreak (dialup bulletin board service and Internet Provider):

Anti-Nuclear French Testing:

SEED (site for anarchist information):

Statewatch (State and civil liberties in the UK and Europe):

Censorship and the Internet:

Green Action (Glasgow based environment group):

No M11 Link (Does as it says!):

SchNews (Brighton based hard-copy and e-journal):

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