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Masonic Judge Called In For Exodus Case

Squall 14, Autumn 1996, pg. 05.

A RETIRED high court judge and top ranking member of the Royal Arch Masonic lodge was called in to reside over a case involving a member of Luton’s Exodus Collective.

Paul Taylor, known to many as ‘Biggs’, was facing charges of murder after a man whom he helped eject from a pub was later found dead in a Luton park. (see Squall 12).

His court case was to have been heard next March but was suddenly brought forward to September. As a result Taylor’s barrister Michael Mansfield qc was unable to appear on his behalf and a replacement had to be found. Without explanation Sir Maurice Drake was then brought out of retirement to hear the case.

Fortunately, the Freemasons published a publicly available version of their previously private Masonic Yearbook last August. As a result it became public knowledge that Drake was a leading member of the Royal Arch lodge. So when he was brought out of retirement to hear the case, Exodus’ suspicions were aroused. They have a long history of slanging matches with Masons, who they believe have been involved in manoeuvres designed to stop their community initiatives.

When the court case began, Taylor’s defence successfully argued that Drake should stand down. In what represents an unusual incident in the history of the British courts, Drake agreed.

For the results of Biggs’ trial see here.