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Special Branch Attempt To Infiltrate Ploughshares

Squall 14, Autumn 1996, pg. 10.

A FORMER policewoman has revealed she was offered £200 a month plus expenses by Special Branch if she would agree to inform on friends in the Ploughshares movement.

Janet Lovelace, a 39-year old mother of three and formerly a constable in Hampshire for five years, was approached by two detectives:

“The detectives told me ‘once a copper, always a copper’. But I’d left the force because of that type of attitude.

“They came to my house and said they wanted me to be a spy for them, to infiltrate the Ploughshares movement and report back on people’s names. They said they were simply concerned about public order. They offered me £200 a month, plus expenses and a bonus, if I came up with good information. They wanted names and anyone who is doing the organising. They said any domestic worries you have, any bills you have, don’t worry, we will sort them out for you. If I got arrested they would sort that out for me.

“The £200 was for the first three months, then it might be upgraded. They also offered a mobile telephone, petrol and child-minding fees. All of it was to be paid in cash and the taxman need never know about it. They said no one need ever know about it.”

Lovelace refused and went to the newspapers with the story.