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Road Rage

Militant Anarchist Cyclists Arrested

Squall 14, Autumn 1996, pg. 55.

NINE “militant anarchist” cyclists were arrested in August after storming the offices of London Underground.

The raid followed an early morning critical mass to coincide with a tube worker’s strike.

Four groups of cyclists met in different parts of London and converged on Trafalgar Square at 9.30 am before moving onto Parliament Square.

The action was intended to show support for the Tube workers and to persuade people to cycle to work rather than use their cars.

Policing became heavy-handed when the cyclists, numbering over 100, moved back to Trafalgar Square.

Although the cyclists were severely criticised in the press, and accused of being “militant”, “anarchists” and “cranky” they were out-congested by cars on the day, adding little to overall disruption. The Evening Standard, London’s daily paper, even suggested Reclaim the Streets had been infiltrated by anarchists.

Following the action an ad hoc demonstration outside the offices of London Underground, above St James’s Underground Station led to nine activists raiding the seventh floor office of LU chairman Peter Ford.

They hung banners out of windows before being arrested and held for the day. Charges included breach of the peace and theft of policeman’s helmet.

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