Necessity Still Breeds Ingenuity - Archive of SQUALL MAGAZINE 1992-2006

The Post Bag: Letters To Squall

A Success!

Squall 6, Spring 1994, pg. 40.

Dear all at SQUALL,

As there's not much news of success at the moment for squatters I thought I'd write and let you know that we had a bit. I've been squatting now for ten years and have lost count of all the roofs I have stayed under. In every case we have gone to try and talk with the owner and show them we're not the parasitic vandal arsonists from hell that we are portrayed by the ulterior motive brigade. We've had little bits of success in ten years - a few open ears but mostly deaf. One owner said he had "every sympathy with our case" and then evicted us within two days and left the place empty for the next one and a half years.

The place I'm in now however, is the best triumph we've had in the efforts to communicate with owners. We're one of the very few squatters in private property at the moment and live there with the agreement of the owner. He owns property in New York, Dublin and London and when he met us he said he would give us a fair hearing. Four hours and double figure cups of tea later, he agreed to let us stay there till he needed it, saying it would actually help prevent the place from becoming damp or vandalised. Since then we have forwarded him any post and let him know about any enquiries concerning the place. We've now been here for over a year and the owner recently visited us to say hello and inform us that the builders may come in March, but then again, maybe not. This sort of thing could happen a lot more were owners willing to listen.

Good Luck,

Tobias Till,