Necessity Still Breeds Ingenuity - Archive of SQUALL MAGAZINE 1992-2006

The Post Bag: Letters To Squall

Hackney Acquittal

Squall 08, Autumn 1994, pg. 54.

Dear Squall,

I write to you on behalf of Eloise Parrack to thank you for the help and support which you afforded during her case.

I am delighted to be able to inform you that Eloise was acquitted of a charge of affray on the 8th August and she is currently considering whether she should pursue civil remedies against the police.

Very many people contacted me as a result of your appeal for witnesses which appeared in Squall 7, I was impressed by the fact that they took the trouble to telephone me to eliminate themselves from the enquiries and to offer their best wishes.

I would be obliged if you would thank all those who responded in the next issue of Squall.

With best wishes,

Desmond O'Reilly McCormack's Solicitors.