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The Post Bag: Letters To Squall

Reformist's Revolution

Squall 08, Autumn 1994, pg. 54.

Dear Squall,

Lots of people I know seem to have diaries full of direct actions for the next few months. Some comrades have even pencilled in a revolution for early November. I can't see it myself. I don't want to be seen as a wet blanket or anything but for yer actual revolution the police and the army have to be 'on side' and we're not quite sorted on that one yet are we? But there are other possible scenarios. My favourite has Home Secretary Michael Slime resigning in tears as news of anti-CJB actions - mass squats, protests and non-stop dancing in the streets, continues to pour in from all over the country. Oh yes, I can see the headlines now.



That, followed by some wacky stunts for the media, a week of copy-catting and more celebratory mayhem and then into the demands:

What do we want? DITCH THE BILL for a start; and a few hundred thousand people and almost as many projects could find homes in ALL THE EMPTY HOMES AND PROPERTY! and while we're about it LAND FOR RELATIVE PEACE! I think so. There's plenty of budding homesteaders out there aching to do a bit of radical gardening on all that vacant Set-A-Side land. And while we're on the subject: FREE THE WEED! They'll probably offer that as a concession anyway. Just to shut us up. And that's it. All signed sealed and wrapped up by Xmas.

Okay, it's modest! But at least it's realistic. I mean we have to know our own limitations. Of course there’s always the odd chance that something quite monumental could occur and if it happens then so be it... But let's have no compromise on the bottom line.

And let's try and play down all this idle talk of revolution. It may inspire the stroppier disaffected youth but it only alienates the average viewer. Meanwhile let's enjoy the party. Peace, Love and Anarchy,

Tony Allen,

Ladbroke Grove Mahknovista
(Reformist tendency)

By the next issue, Tony Allen had a gig as Squall's own shoot-from-the-hip columnist...
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