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Undercurrents 2 is out...

Squall 9, Jan/Feb 1995, pg. 27.

'Undercurrents 2’ is the Small World collective’s second selection of video footage from campaigns around the country. As well as corking coverage of key anti-Criminal Justice Bill/Act actions this issue brings news from protests as wide-ranging as a campaign to stop a golf course being built on common land in Hampshire, and worldwide demonstrations against World Bank projects and their appalling ramifications for the poor they are supposed to help.

Delight, resignation, horror, anger, empowerment: its all here. The magazine format makes it ideal for watching in instalments but you’re unlikely to switch off half way through. Some of the footage is incredibly emotive, particularly images of the brave and dedicated fights for Solsbury Hill and Claremont Road and the shots of protesters facing out private security firm yobs in ‘Unreasonable Force’.

The ‘Street News’ item includes coverage of the Twyford Down mass trespass, the anti-M77 blockade of Tarmac’s offices in Glasgow, disabled activists demonstrating at the Tate Gallery and a lovely piece on ‘ethical shoplifting’ in Norwich where demonstrators took mahogany products from Jewsons and handed them over to the police for investigation, reporting them stolen from the indigenous peoples’ of the Brazilian rainforest.

This really is unobtrusive (as unobtrusive as a camera can be) and sensitive reporting. Those being filmed are allowed to tell their story and witty editing (check out the brilliant use of cheesy ads in ‘Washes Whiter’), apt music and good information combine to leave you oh so glad that someone is out there doing this.

By the end of the 112 minute vid a feeling of exhaustion is replaced by a desire to do something. If you find yourself screaming at television news for what it does and doesn’t cover, if you wonder why the tv media agenda is so narrow and predictable, then this is your news.

If you would like a copy of Undercurrents 2 then contact Small World at the address shown below.

Small World is a non-profit making organisation committed to supporting campaign groups working on environmental and social issues. If you have a news story that you want others to hear about, grab a camcorder, film it, and send the footage to SMALL WORLD, 1a Waterlow Road, London N19 5NJ. Tel: 0171 272 5255.

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