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Regime change begins at home

'The State It's In' - Squall Editorial

Regime Change Begins At Home - A quiz

February 2003

General Knowledge

1. Which is the only western state refusing to sign an international treaty limiting the development of biological weapons?

2. Which country has the largest biological weapons research programme than in the world?

3. Which country has more biological weapons than any other?

4. Which is the only western state which refuses to sign up to an International Court designed to try powerful people for crimes against humanity?

5. Which country has more nuclear weapons than any other?

6. Which country in the world has more weapons of mass destruction than any other in the world?

7. Which is the only country in world history to have actually used weapons of mass destruction?

8. Which nation state has committed more corroborated incidence of direct involvement in the affairs of other nation states than any other?

9. Which nation state owes more money in back membership fees to the United Nations than any other?

Answers: 1. USA 2. USA 3. USA 4. USA 5. USA 6. USA 7. USA 8. USA 9. USA


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